What is InstaProtect?

InstaProtect from iMONITOR India is a security & safety solution specially designed to increase your security & safety and save cost at the same time! It is also a very useful security and cost cutting tool during this challenging lockdown and COVID 19 period. InstaProtect empowers your guard to quickly call for backup, is an additional layer of security for your premises and reduces the risk of loss due to an intrusion or unfortunate fire incident using cutting edge technology.

It is a low cost, quick and easy to implement solution and uses a simple mobile app and the security hardware you already have installed! The entire configuration can be done remotely by our support experts without any physical visit.



time to deploy

InstaProtect takes less than 10% time to get up and running as compared to other traditional security solutions.

cost cutting

iMONITOR India can save you over 70% of your cost security of security while strengthening your overall security infrastructure.

of the day, week and year.

That’s right, our command centre operates round the clock 24x7x365, for your security and safety. Whether you’re awake or asleep, our monitoring officers are awake and ready to help.


Increases Security

Our Monitoring Officers armed with state of the art technology for an additional layer of security for your business.

Quick & Easy

The solution can implemented without physical visit the site, making InstaProtect quick and easy to implement.

Assistance for Guards

Your guards can raise panic alerts in case of an attack, fire or medical emergency through our mobile app to our command center.

Higher Efficiency of Guards

We check that your guards are on duty by monitoring their attendance and regular presence, keeping them alert and vigil.

Cost Cutting

iMONITOR India can directly cut operational and security costs for your by replacing part of your man power with tested and reliable technology.

Augmented Intelligence

InstaProtect leverages an ideal combination of precision of technology and human intelligence to augment the security of the business premises.

Easy Commercials

Our Solution is available with various easy monthly, quarterly and annual payment plans, all at affordable and attractive price points.

No investment in hardware

InstaProtect uses your existing alarm systems and cctv systems and does not necessarily require any additional hardware to be purchased.


CCTV and Intrusion & Fire Alarm Integration

Existing CCTV systems, intrusion alarms and fire alarm systems already installed and working at your business premises are integrated via the internet / GSM network with the incident management command software.

Mobile App and Customer Control Panel

You are given a unique login to the iMONITOR India Online Customer Control Panel to manage your users and monitor various activity. Our mobile app is installed in your security and other staff members mobile phones and required user information is configured in to our powerful monitoring softwares in our command centre.

24X7 Alert Based Monitoring

Our Command Center Officers monitor your premises when they receive an alert and keep you appraised of any untoward happenings. We can also monitor operations to check compliance with COVID-19 health & safety guidelines and inform any exceptions to the concerned person in your organisation.


Corporates & Offices
Retail Stores
Industrial Units
Schools & Educational Institutions
Warehouses & Godowns
Bank Branches, ATMs and Currency Chests


Guard Assistance

We are here to help your guards in case of an emergency. In the unfortunate event of an emergency, your guard can raise Help, Fire or Medical alarms from the iMONITOR India mobile app and our Monitoring Officers will take necessary action by notifying the concerned emergency services (police / fire brigade /ambulance) and the designated officers of the organisation to be contacted in case of any mishap.


Guard Presence

If you have invested in a security guard, which is a huge investment over the years, it is very important that he is physically and mentally on duty during duty hours to serve their very purpose – to help secure your business. At iMONITOR India, we help you to do this by monitoring the guards’ presence at regular intervals. If regular attendance is not marked, our monitoring officers will check if he is safe and healthy and on duty. We also monitor the what time the guard punches in and out of duty.


Intrusion / Fire / CCTV Alarm Monitoring

In case of intrusion alarm or fire alarm, the alert will be sent to our command centre over the internet / GSM network. Similarly, we are able to receive limited alerts from CCTV systems for motion detection, masking or camera disconnection, all of which indicate the possibility of an intrusion attempt. Once we get the alert, the Monitoring Officers attempt to video verify the alert and swing in to action, call the guard, inform any concerned officers of the company and notify the police or fire brigade.


COVID-19 Hygiene Compliance Monitoring

Periodic snapshots are taken from critical camera to check workplace health and safety objectives as defined by the customer. Such checks could include social distancing, use of masks or PPE and presence of sanitisation supplies to name a few. We then report any noticeable deviations from our standard check list to the customer. The images are also shared with the customer to further ascertain if everything is in order also check other operational parameters as well.



The iMONITOR India mobile app is a great support system for businesses in this time of need. The app has inbuilt panic, fire or medical emergency alerts, marks staff attendance and keeps an eye on their presence at regular intervals. The app can be used by your security guard or other team members.

Guard Assistance

Security guards and other app users can raise a panic, fire or medical emergency alarm alert from the app and our monitoring officers will immediately get in to action.

Guard Attendance

Guards need to mark their attendance at regular intervals throughout their duty period, this keeps them alert and monitors their regular presence. A selfie photo tells us who’s marking the attendance and guard’s geolocation coordinates let you know where he is at the time.

Higher Efficiency

App increases the efficiency of the guards by ensuring their presence on the site and allows them to reach our monitoring officers and ask for help in case of an emergency.

Customer Online Control Panel

The iMONITOR India Customer Online Control Panel empowers you to create and edit users, configure user information, set rules,view alarm alerts & attendance records, download various reports and much more!

Command Center

Cutting Edge Technology

Our command centre uses a cutting edge technology with advanced monitoring software, state-of-the-art IT infrastructure, multi level connectivity and a 3 tier electronic security system to ensure reliable monitoring and quick action.


Triple Redundant Infrastructure

A three level redundancy is maintained in our IT infrastructure, communication networks and power lines to ensure high uptime of the command center and our services.

High Capacity

Up to 15,000 sites can be monitored with the current infrastructure. Our command center has a scalable design with enough resources and space at hand to quickly upscale to up to 100 monitoring officers and increase monitoring capacity to over 50,000 sites on demand.


Experienced Team & Matured Systems

We have a team of vigilant monitoring officers and supervisors who have vast industry exposure and are capable of handling various incidents with ease. Our systems and SOPs have matured and evolved with over 5 years of central monitoring and command center operation experience.


We believe in quick and timely response on your technical, commercial, or operational issues. Reach us through any of the following modes and we will respond as soon as possible.

Email Support

Have a sales query or need support? Write to us at info@imonitorindia.com and we will respond within 24 hours.

Technical Support

Reach our expert technical support engineers at 9910055100 to get your technical issues resolved quickly. During the lockdown period, please call 9873575711. Connect to us via Whatsapp @ 9899739777 and have a chat with our experts.

Control Room Support

Want to talk to our Monitoring Officers? Call our command centre @0129-4270088. Contact our command centre in case of emergency only please.

Sales Support

Reach our sales consultants for a one to one discussion at sales@securicoelectronics.com or 01294270000.




Monitoring is accurate and fast. Support is quick and timely.

Mr. Abhishek Singhal
Adiya Retail LLP(Tanishq Franchisee)

We are satisfied with the monitoring services.

Mr. Saumen
PC Chandra Jewelers

We have increased our security & operational efficiency with the help of iMonitoIndia’s products and services.

Mr. Sachin Chillana
Time Equipment Pvt Ltd(Tata Hitachi Dealership)

Two of our retail outlets are under the monitoring of iMonitorIndia, we are highly satisfied with the services

Mr. Neeraj Mundhra
SkyConnect(Samsung mobile dealership)

Our warehouses are now more secure with iMonitorIndia’s products and services. We are happy.

Mr. Rinkyu Chaudhary
Wheel India SCM Pvt. Ltd.


Do I need to buy or install any new security products?

No, InstaProtect uses your existing CCTV cameras and alarm systems, therefore no extra hardware is required to be purchased.

Which type of business establishments is InstaProtect for?

Any type of factory, retail outlet, warehouse, office, commercial branch or any other type of business establishment where CCTV cameras or alarm systems are already installed can use InstaProtect to increase the security of the business premises.

Can I subscribe to InstaProtect if i don't have a security guard?

Yes, if you have a CCTV system, intrusion alarm / fire alarm with auto dialer, you can subscribe and use our alarm monitoring services which can help deter a crime or help call for timely help in case of a fire. We also have solutions to replace guards, please contact us for more details.

I have more than one guard, does InstaProtect have an option for this?

Yes, there is no limitation to the number of guards or other staff members that can use this service. The service is charged for on a modular unit wise model, so additional guards can be included at a nominal cost.

Will InstaProtect Work after the current lockdown opens?

InstaProtect as it is today, is an interim solution meant to help our customers during this challenging period. However, InstaProtect will continue to be available to customers even after lockdown opens for up to 3 months. InstaProtect services can be easily upgraded later by integrating them with other security products and monitoring solutions from Securico.

How Is InstaProtect different from other monitoring services from iMONITOR India?

InstaProtect is a security solution which is designed to increase the security of the business premises by leveraging existing CCTV and alarm systems (whatever currently available). This solution was designed keeping in mind the restrictions imposed during lockdowns. Though this is a basic and intermediary solution and has limited features as compared to other comprehensive monitoring solutions from Securico, it is a well tested, working solution ideal for the current scenario.

What are the payment terms and options?

Services are payable for quarterly / has yearly / annually in advance, however we offer flexible payment terms for large corporate orders. Payments can be made via a number of online and offline payment options.

How many cameras and alarm systems can I get monitored?

The Securico iMONITOR India command centre can handle thousands of cameras. InstaProtect and all other services from iMONITOR India are both modular as well as scalable. All InstaProtect packages include 1 user, 4 CCTV cameras and 1 alarm system, which can be flexibly upgraded at any time to increase the number of users, cameras and alarms to be monitored.

Is a static IP required at the site?

A static IP is not necessary for mobile app based services and alarm system monitoring. CCTV monitoring from our command centre requires a static IP at the business premises. In case you do not have one yet, it’s easily available.

What are the pre-requisites to subscribe for Intrusion / Fire / CCTV alarm monitoring?

Intrusion / Fire Alarm Monitoring:
An intrusion or fire alarm with inbuilt / attached GSM Dialer.
User / admin code to program the autodialer.

Pre-requisites for CCTV MONITORING:
1. Existing CCTV surveillance system.
2. Static IP
3. Admin login credentials of the DVR/NVR.
4. Internet connectivity with reasonable bandwidth.

Will the Intrusion / Fire / CCTV monitoring only work with Securico products or are other makes also supported?

Products from most major brands in CCTV and alarm systems are supported. All Securico products are compatible with our command centre.

What is the difference between InstaProtect and iMONITOR India?

InstaProtect is the name of one of many services available from iMONITOR India. iMONITOR India is the managed monitoring services arm of Securico Electronics India Limited and offers a variety of security, safety and operational efficiency monitoring services.