Command Center

Cutting Edge Technology

Our command centre uses a cutting edge technology with advanced monitoring software, state-of-the-art IT infrastructure, multi level connectivity and a 3 tier electronic security system to ensure reliable monitoring and quick action.


Triple Redundant Infrastructure

A three level redundancy is maintained in our IT infrastructure, communication networks and power lines to ensure high uptime of the command center and our services.

High Capacity

Up to 15,000 sites can be monitored with the current infrastructure. Our command center has a scalable design with enough resources and space at hand to quickly upscale to up to 100 monitoring officers and increase monitoring capacity to over 50,000 sites on demand.


Experienced Team & Matured Systems

We have a team of vigilant monitoring officers and supervisors who have vast industry exposure and are capable of handling various incidents with ease. Our systems and SOPs have matured and evolved with over 5 years of central monitoring and command center operation experience.