When you lock up your shop or showroom at the end of the day, there’s often that underlying fear of a chance of burglary. You have to rely on your lock, whether you put one or two doesn’t really make that much of a difference.

With Securico monitoring services, there’s no need to worry about your shop/showroom being unattended over night. Our officers have eyes and ears on your business if anything unfortunate were to take place and can help deter any intruders away. During operational hours, our monitoring services can offer support in case of a robbery, report what times your business opened and closes, give you scheduled reports with snapshots of workplace activity to help you keep an eye on the conduct of the staff with customers & the overall cleanliness of your outlet and anything else you would like to monitor compliance for. If you want even more, we can also maintain records of operation times of your glow sign and let you know in case the temperature in your retail outlet is too high or low!.