We are here to help your guards in case of an emergency. In the unfortunate event of an emergency, your guard can raise Help, Fire or Medical alarms from the iMONITOR India mobile app. Upon receiving an emergency alert, our Monitoring Officers verify the alert with the help of CCTV cameras and take necessary action by notifying the concerned emergency services (policec/ fire brigadec/ambulance) and the informing the designated officers of the organisation to be contacted in case of any mishap.

If you have invested in a security guard, which is a huge investment over the years, it is very important that he is physically and mentally on duty during duty hours to serve their very purpose – to help secure your business. We at iMONITOR India help you to do this by monitoring the guards’ presence at regular intervals. If the guard does not mark his in duty attendance as required, our monitoring officers will check if he is on duty and equally to confirm that he is safe and healthy. We also keep an eye to see that the guard reaches on time and doesn’t leave before the shift is over.

The great thing about InstaProtect is that we aim to use your existing security and safety systems. In case of intrusion alarm or fire alarm, the alarm alert will be communicated to our command centre over the internet / GSM network. Similarly, we are able to receive limited alerts from CCTV systems in our command center in case of motion detection, masking or camera disconnection, all of which indicate the possibility of an intrusion attempt. Once we get the alert, the Monitoring Officers attempt to video verify the alert and swing in to action, call the guard, inform any concerned officers of the company and notify the police or fire brigade. We try to stay connected with the guard or alternate customer contact till help reaches the site.

We can help customers who are operating during this challenging time by taking random snapshots of critical camera views to check compliance with COVID-19 health and safety guidelines for business operations as defined by the customer. Such checks could include following of social distance guidelines, use of masks or PPE and presence of sanitisation supplies to name a few. We then report any noticeable deviations from our standard check list to the designated point of contact. Reporting for regular operational efficiency monitoring is usually done on a weekly basis, however during the lockdown period, we will do this on a daily basis. The images will also be shared with our customer as the he/she knows best what is right and wrong and the images can also be used to check other operational parameters as well.